gitl_eli7 (gitl_eli7) wrote in buster_nuts,

Hebrew Arthur

hey y'all! Greetings from Israel, where Arthur is broadcast in Hebrew Sundays thru Thursdays on Channel 6 at 5:35 pm. Although the voice-overs stink and make Arthur and his friends sound like a bunch of smokey, old Israeli men, Arthur is definately gaining in popularity in this corner of the world. I was absolutely in heaven two weeks ago when i discovered one of my favorite burger chains actually had arthur as it's gimmick and was giving away arthur, buster, and DW (her hebrew name is Gili) keychains, dolls, and stuff. I got a nice sized Buster doll and a Buster keychain, because Buster is the greatest! Although his show hasn't made it over here, cuz well, it's about America . . but i saw it when I was in the US over the summer and didn't like it much. Not enough real buster content. anyway, that's it . . .
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